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I am Kate

Mom of two, wife, entrepreneur and SO MUCH MORE.

For a long time I forgot that (the so much more part).

When I had my first child I was the only one who had a kid
in our group of friends and I felt that.

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I felt alone, like no one understood what I was going through.

I had no "Village." I was lost and for years I struggled to find my way out and to figure out how to find my identity and balance and to feel healthy, happy and have fun again.

It was hard as fuck and a wild ride but lets not get lost in the past narrative.


" I have worked on my mindset, meditated, journaled, and overcome what seemed like insurmountable challenges. I have done the work to understand how mindset and energy are everything. "


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Through Mindset work, Meditation, Visualization and Reframing I have redefined myself as a mother and I am no longer limiting myself. My perception of motherhood has been overhauled. 

I am now dedicating myself to Advising, Coaching and Inspiring mothers to go after being the best version of themselves and Kreating the life they want.

I have now created a Kommunity for you to Konnect with that will help you feel supported and at home.

I am so excited to offer you access to the things I did not have and to inspire you to be more than a Mother. To find your way to Balance, Health, Fun and Growth. You're going to find your way to stay in your magic and have so many other women surrounding you as your cheerleaders.

This is your year to believe in yourself (even when it feels impossible, no, ESPECIALLY when it feels impossible.) You're going to find your way forward, and stay in your Magic.



Here's what I am offering -

  • I'm offering access to  the Show Up and Glow Up (SUGU) Kommunity for that Konnection with like-minded ass kicking mothers that are in this together. It's a safe space to grow together and be a part of a village. Ready to SUGU

  • 1-1 coaching with scheduled 90 minute intensive sessions with limited time Voxer Access because you are that mom to mom vibe.  Mom/Advisor Virtual calls are for me

  •  Text and voice coaching privately via Voxer monthly membership ( if sending messages on the fly is more your jam. I know, mom life amiright)? Obviously this is my jam

Kate Mathews

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